Deciphering the Different Types of Nurses

4Being a professional nurse fortunately leads you to pick from many diverse degrees to start your career. The nurse you want to be will depend on the required license that you will need, and the education level that is needed. The are a lot of possibilities when you decide to take up a career as being a professional nurse.

A vocational nurse, otherwise known as a licensed practical nurse is the starting level for nursing. Having a general education diploma, or just completing high school is the start to becoming a licensed practical nurse. Schooling for a licensed practical nurse can be found at any community college or vocational school. The teaching that you need to complete will only take about one year if you study hard. A program for practical nursing is completed when you take a state licensing exam. Licensed practical nurses make a good salary starting out, and it is around $35,000 annually. Licensed practical nurses are trained to do many general tasks to help patients.

If you want to make more money and take more responsibility, you should become a registered nurse. An associate of nursing degree is required to become a registered nurse. If you study hard at any nursing school, it will only take two years to finish an associate of nursing degree. To work in the state you want to work in, registered nurses will need to complete a NCLEX test. Once finishing the NCLEX, you are officially a registered nurse and you have many more opportunities to work. Since you have more education and have more responsibility, your salary for a registered nurse is around $50,000 yearly. When you are a registered nurse you can do more involved tasks for patients.

A registered nurse can receive their Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing degree. Getting more education is sometimes payed for by the hospitals the registered nurses work for. To help nurses get their bachelor degree there are nursing programs. To complete a bachelor’s degree, a nurse will need to go to school for four or less years. Four years is how long it will take for a person who has not done anything with nursing yet to complete the bachelor’s degree. A bachelor’s degree for nursing will teach the nurse more about how to take care of a patient.

There are also a lot of advanced practice degrees that nurses can obtain through nursing education. A specialized nursing degree, such as the Master’s of Science in Nursing, can be obtained by a nurse. A higher salary comes with having a more advanced practice nursing degree. A master’s degree will take around two years to finish if you work hard. To be a nurse you will have to work hard. There are many choices to pick from when becoming a nurse.

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